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Jeanett Radisch/Johanna Baumgardt/Elina Touil/Jörn Moock/Wolfram Kawohl/Wulf Rössler

ISBN / Product-No: 978-3-17-024830-4
Whilst the number of dementia patients is rising steadily, there are significant deficiencies in regards to the treatment. Dementia is often ...   [more]

Arne Burchartz
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Children and Adolescents

Das tiefenpsychologisch fundierte Verfahren: Basiswissen und Praxis

ISBN / Product-No: 978-3-17-026839-5
Transference-Focused-Psychotherapy (TFP) is a form of treatment based on psychoanalysis and a method often used with children and adolescents. ...   [more]

Werner Kroeber-Riel/Franz-Rudolph Esch
Strategy and Technique of Advertising

Findings of social and neurological science

ISBN / Product-No: 978-3-17-026258-4
Advertising is full of replaceable, boring and weak ads, which neither shape nor increase brand profiles. There is a gap of professionalism ...   [more]

Uta Pohl-Patalong

English edition

ISBN / Product-No: 978-3-17-026970-5
"Bibliolog" is an approach to experience the Bible as alive and important for one's own life. A group, congregation or school class discovers ...   [more]

Matthias Michal
Depersonalisation and derealisation

Overcoming alienation (2nd revised and extended edition)

ISBN / Product-No: 978-3-17-026185-3
People, who experience themselves as permanently detached from their environment, and who perceive it surreal or who feel alien, so as if they ...   [more]

Eduard Lohse
The Jesus miracles

The meaning of the miracle records of the New Testament for theologians and the church

ISBN / Product-No: 978-3-17-028895-9
The records of the Jesus miracles is broadly covered by the gospels according to Marcus, Matthew and Lucas & a sign that early Christianity ...   [more]

Daniela Schwarzer
The European Currency Union

History, crisis and reform

ISBN / Product-No: 978-3-17-022946-4
Since 2010, the debt and bank crises in the European area have presented the greatest challenge to the EU since its foundation. This book illustrates ...   [more]

Konrad Fees
The history of pedagogy

A compact course

ISBN / Product-No: 978-3-17-028739-6
Those who look into the foundations of educational science & for example as part of a bachelor course in pedagogy & cannot avoid the history ...   [more]

Astrid Schütz/Matthias Brand/Herbert Selg/Stefan Lautenbacher (Hrsg.)

An introduction into its basics and areas of application

ISBN / Product-No: 978-3-17-026133-4
The introduction into psychology explores new developments, methodical extensions and current trends in psychology. Based on the guidelines ...   [more]

Gertraud Diem-Wille
Latency - the "golden age" of childhood

Psychoanalytical development theory according to Freud, Klein and Bion

ISBN / Product-No: 978-3-17-026064-1
Gertraud Diem-Wille illustrates the psychoanalytical development theories of Freud, Klein and Bion in regards to the ages between 6 and 11 years. ...   [more]

Psychoanalysis and neuroscience

Opportunities - limits - contentious issues

ISBN / Product-No: 978-3-17-022984-6
More recent developments in neuroscience have intensified the interdisciplinary dialogue between psychoanalyses and neuroscience and have opened ...   [more]

Techniques and tactics for questioning

2nd revised and extended edition

ISBN / Product-No: 978-3-17-023341-6
"Whoever asks, shall receive answers, whoever asks correctly, shall receive the correct answers." & But correct answers can vary complete. The ...   [more]

Rainer Dollase
Groups in Early Childhood Education

ISBN / Product-No: 978-3-17-021391-3
Upbringing, education and supervision in groups are one of the most important ways of early childhood socialisation. The work combines central ...   [more]

Grundkurs Geschichte
Karen Piepenbrink

2nd edition

ISBN / Product-No: 978-3-17-025568-5
This volume covers the classical antiquity, Greek and Roman history from the Mycenaean age in Greece to the fall of the west Roman Empire in ...   [more]

Thomas Girsberger
Die vielen Farben des Autismus

Spektrum, Ursachen, Diagnose, Therapie und Beratung

ISBN / Product-No: 978-3-17-028784-6
Der Autor dieses Buchs vertritt einen modernen Ansatz, der sich im deutschsprachigen Raum erst langsam zu etablieren beginnt: Autismus ist keine ...   [more]

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